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Michelle AmbroseHi Divas! I’m Michelle Ambrose.

I am one-part gal-about town event planner, one-part tenacious project manager and all around “go-to” resource as the founder of lifestyle publication, Hot Spots Diva. I’ve also been known to moonlight as a personal chauffeur to my 13 year old son who I transport to and from basketball activities most days of the week.

Passion is engrained in my spirit and it’s what drives my decisions every single day. From planning a spectacular event, to sparking conversations over at Hot Spot Diva’s Facebook page or mentoring youth on how to bypass the hurdles of self-doubt and reach the finish line of living a fulfilled life, I believe in sprinkling your life with creativity at every turn.

I pour my heart into the work that I love. I bring over 20 years of event planning experience, where I have designed, developed and implemented events and sponsorship programs at large companies. Through my entrepreneurial spirit and passionate approach to event planning, I started my own event planning company, Sophisticated Approach. By adding a signature touch and careful attention to details to elevate attendees’ experience, I have fashioned many noteworthy events for discerning corporate, non-profit and private clientele. My portfolio includes event production for charity fundraisers, large-scale events and galas, golf tournaments and weddings.

I’ve had an amazing journey and it keeps getting better!

I was born in London, England and raised with the Trinidadian and Vincentian values passed on from my parents who taught me to always dream big! So every morning when I wake up, I ask myself how I can make a difference today!

My first step in making a difference is in practicing the principle of paying it forward. I believe in the responsibility of each individual to reach back and help along those who are on the come-up. Through volunteer efforts, I have guided so many ambitious young men and women to tap into their unique skills and talents. I have been blessed in my own life to be surrounded by so many great people who I have been fortunate to learn from. I am now using these insights to embark on being a role model to youth where I can provide inspiration to them and support them in mapping out their life endeavors.

Because of this I work relentlessly to be the best woman I can be for my son, my friends, family and to the youth that look to me as a role model. I learned that every day, every move, every choice counts as an athlete, playing competitive basketball and volleyball at high school and college level. This determination and competitive nature learned in my years playing sports has helped me focus on making each new day better than the last.

The philosophy I live by is routed in my faith and spirituality, “with God, all things are possible, and I believe as long as I stay true to myself, continue to love my family, and remain humble, I will remain blessed, because I know from whom my blessings come from.”